Shearing Machine COMET 1800 mm 1990 ORION

SHEARING MACHINE COMET, type ORION, year 1990, 1 cylinder, w.w. 2000 mm, with metal detector, suction dust, exit plaiter, and one new spare cylinder.

Shearing Machine COMET 1800 mm 1990 APELLE 11

SHEARING MACHINE COMET, model APELLE 11, w.w. 2000 mm, 2 knife cylinders, metal detector, sewing detector, year 1990, exit plaiter, with aspiration, in working condition. Also 1 spare cylinder

Shearing MARIO CROSTA 2000 mm 2002

Shearing Machine MARIO CROSTA, year 2002, type SSC/A, w.w. 2000 mm, 1 cylinder, only worked few hours

Emerizing Machine TORRES 1800 mm 1992

EMERIZING MACHINE TORRES, type Micropunt T 153, year 1992, w.w. 1800 mm, 2 sand paper cylinders, exit plaiter, dust suction

Stenter BABCOCK 3200 mm 1996

BABCOCK STENTER, 1996, w.w. 3200 mm, padder, weft straightener Bianco, 10 chambers, pin and dlip chain, gas heating, exit A-frame, overfeeder automatizated with PLC and inverters

Dryer SALVADE 2800 mm 1994

SALVADE DRYER, year 1994, w.w. 2800 mm, double belt, gas heating, exit plaiter

Compactor FERRARO 1400 - 2400 mm 2000

COMPACTOR FERRARO, type COMPTEX/RTA-FV-2500, year 2000, w.w. 2400 mm for OPEN WIDTH and 1400 mm for TUBULAR (including magnetic stretchers ), J-box, Corino opener cylinders, tubular feeders, compa...

Stenter ARTOS 1800 mm 1970

ARTOS STENTER, year 1970, working width 1800 mm, oil heating, 7 chambers, padder, pin chain, exit plaiter and A-frame

Compactor Tubular FERRARO 1400 mm 2002

TUBULAR COMPACTOR FERRARO, type COMPTEX/FV 1500, year 2002, w.w. 1400 mm, steam heating

Crushing Machine KMT 2008

CRUSHING MACHINE KMT, type Conticrash 350-E, year 2008

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