Stenter BRUCKNER 2600 mm 1976

BRUCKNER STENTER, year 1976, 4 chambers, working width 2600 mm, vertical pin chain, extended entry 6 mts, steam heating, padder, exit plaiter

Stenter KRANTZ 2000 mm 1987

KRANTZ STENTER for knitting fabrics, model K10, year 1987, working width 2000 mm, entry with centralizing device, Kusters padder 222.58-2000, infrared, weft straightener Mahlo (w.w. 1800 mm), exten...

Jigger YAMUNA 2015

JIGGER YAMUNA, type EXP-10, year 2015, working width 2000 mm, diameter 1400 mm, with dyestuff tank, pump-filter, hydraulic system, touch screen control

Stenter BRUCKNER 3200 mm 1972

Stenter BRUCKNER, year 1972, working width 3200 mm, extended entry, steamer, 3 chambers, oil heating, vertical pin chain, exit plaiter

Shearing Tiger TORRES 3000 mm 1980

Shearing Tiger machine TORRES, year 1980, working width 3000 mm



Sanforizing CIBITEX 2200 mm 1995 -2014

Sanforinzing CIBITEX, year 1995, w.w. 2200 mm, entry with cetralizing device, steaming cylinder, sanforizing, palmer diameter 1800 mm, exit plaiter, and exit A-frame ( w.w. 1800 mm ). Full renewed ...

Rope Opener BIANCO 3400 MM 2002

BIANCO ROPE OPENER, type Línea Apricorda, year 2002, working width 3400 mm, stainless Steel frame, entry with rope padder.

Weft Straightener MAHLO 2000 mm 1996

WEFT STRAIGHTENER make MAHLO, Type RFMC. 94 H/2000/89, head H.D.R., w.w. 2000 mm, upgrade by Mahlo in 1996

Tumbler ANGLADA 3200 mm 1999

ANGLADA TUMBLER, type TRD-3.2-D-F, year 1999, 2 chambers, working width 3200 mm, entry with padder, gas heating, dust suction, exit plaiter

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