Compactor LAFER 2006

LAFER Compactor, type KS/D, year 2006, w.w. 2200 mm, but felt only 2000 mm, exit A-frame

Compactor Tubular SANTEX 1400 mm 2007

TUBULAR COMPACTOR SANTEX, type KST SOFT PLUS, year 2007, working width 1400 mm, machine is like new condition

Compactor FERRARO 1400 - 2400 mm 2000

COMPACTOR FERRARO, type COMPTEX/RTA-FV-2500, year 2000, w.w. 2400 mm for OPEN WIDTH and 1400 mm for TUBULAR (including magnetic stretchers ), J-box, Corino opener cylinders, tubular feeders, compa...

Compactor Tubular FERRARO 1400 mm 2002

TUBULAR COMPACTOR FERRARO, type COMPTEX/FV 1500, year 2002, w.w. 1400 mm, steam heating

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