We are dealing in all this type of textile processing and finishing machines:

Processing textile machines, Processing textile machinery, Finishing textile machines, Finishing textile machinery

Calender, stenter, shearing machine, raising machine, dryer, tumbler, washing machine, mercerizing machine, bleaching machine, hydroextractor, tubular compactor, open width compactor, balloon hydroextractor, slitter, rope opener, emerizing machine, sueding machine, inspection machine, rolling machine, doubling machine, packing machine, steamer, thermosol, pad batch, pad steam, padder, weft straightener, sanforizing machine.

The mainly brands are:

Kusters, Mahlo, Bianco, Ferraro, Corino, Bruckner, Monforts, Babcock, Artos, Famatex, Unitech, Lafer, Mario Crosta, Lamperti, Anglada, Pentek, Biancalani, Icomatex, Tacome, Saben, Testa, Ramish, Kleinewefers, Goller, Osthoff, Salvade, Arioli, Cibitex, Alea, Torres, Comet, Comerio

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