Stenter BRUCKNER 2600 mm 1976

BRUCKNER STENTER, year 1976, 4 chambers, working width 2600 mm, vertical pin chain, extended entry 6 mts, steam heating, padder, exit plaiter

Stenter KRANTZ 2000 mm 1987

KRANTZ STENTER for knitting fabrics, model K10, year 1987, working width 2000 mm, entry with centralizing device, Kusters padder 222.58-2000, infrared, weft straightener Mahlo (w.w. 1800 mm), exten...

Stenter BRUCKNER 3200 mm 1972

Stenter BRUCKNER, year 1972, working width 3200 mm, extended entry, steamer, 3 chambers, oil heating, vertical pin chain, exit plaiter

Stenter EFFEDUE 2000 mm 2001

STENTER EFFEDUE, year 2001, w.w. 2000 mm, 5 chambers of 4,6 mts ( like 8 chambers ), double floor, with padder, weft straightener, gas heating, vertical pin chain, exit A-frame. Machine like new.

Stenter BABCOCK 3200 mm 1996

BABCOCK STENTER, 1996, w.w. 3200 mm, padder, weft straightener Bianco, 10 chambers, pin and dlip chain, gas heating, exit A-frame, overfeeder automatizated with PLC and inverters

Stenter ARTOS 1800 mm 1970

ARTOS STENTER, year 1970, working width 1800 mm, oil heating, 7 chambers, padder, pin chain, exit plaiter and A-frame

Stenter BABCOCK 3200 MM 1999

BABCOCK STENTER, type ECONAIR, year 1999, working width 3200 mm, 5 chambers, oil heating, horizontal pin chain, padder, weft straightener MAHLO, cooling zone, exit plaiter and A-frame

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